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Our Mission:
"To provide community, access, and support for growing musicians in the Plymouth-Canton area"

The Band Music Appreciation Studio (ITB), a non-profit (501c3) located in the Plymouth Arts and Recreation Complex (PARC), has its doors open to student musicians and music lovers in our local community. The studio, created and led by Founder / Director Nick Brandon, offers programs, services, and opportunities for budding artists in the Plymouth-Canton area.

Guided by its mission, ITB promises “To provide community, access, and support for growing musicians in the Plymouth-Canton area." Young musicians can be an overlooked group in terms of opportunities. Those who have a passion and talent for music - particularly styles of music that are not part of a school curriculum or program - struggle to find a place to go where they can grow skills and enhance love for creative expression.

ITB vows to change this by providing a range opportunities for students that are 7th grade through college-age in the area. This includes a location for bands to have rehearsals and performances, including the equipment, instruments, and needed technology to have successful development as well as professionally produced live concerts. Musicians can also receive smaller-group or individual training and feedback not only from experienced musicians, but their peers as well.

And thanks to the generosity of the local community that helps sustain ITB through donations and support, all programming and opportunities are provided completely free of charge to our students.

Nothing unites people like the power of music, and ITB continues to be committed to putting this idea into action for the local students artist community.


“In The Band is an exciting and inspirational endeavor -- and one that continues to be of great benefit to young artists and appreciators in our community,” said ITB Founder / Director Nick Brandon, “We work every day to ensure that growing musicians in our area have a musical home that offers community, support, and access with the hope that talents and passions can be discovered and nurtured.


“Nothing unites people like the power of music, and we want to do our part to put this idea into action for the Plymouth-Canton Community.”

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