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Blast from the Past: ITB-4 Vinyl Release Party

n The Band Studios recently celebrated the release of their 4th 7” vinyl with singles from two upcoming ITB artists. The theme of the night was Totally 80’s, and concertgoers enjoyed playing vintage video games such as Galaga, Donkey Kong, and Frogger. 

ITB debuted new merch, drawing on the 80’s theme for long-sleeved tees printed with the logo graphic and “ITB World Tour 1980.”

The PARC building was filled with all different types of music, from the main electric stage to the more subdued acoustic room, and even a corner transformed into a jazz lounge, where attendees could jam with the jazz band Soul Eyes.

ITB draws a diverse group of musical artists, and this event showcased a wide variety of styles and genres. Kinda Cute (featured on the 7” vinyl) and Phoebe Station brought the noise on the electric stage with original rock songs as well as covers of 80’s hits. 

Kinda Cute on the electric stage.

Keagan & Wes, Lift Your Eyes, Brian Fair, Rough Draft, and many other singer/songwriters showcased their talents on the acoustic stage with stripped down guitars and vocals.

Local producer Richie Rich performing under the name Lift Your Eyes in the acoustic room.

Lavender & Co. brought the vibes of the jazz lounge to the main electric stage, with free-flowing solos on saxophones and trombones.

Marquette and her band leaned into the 80’s theme, both in their outfits and their covers of Phil Collins’ In The Air Tonight and Prince’s Purple Rain. Her single also appears on the 7” vinyl.

Members of Kinda Cute (left and right) and Marquette (middle). "Ladies of the ITB Spring 2019 vinyl" @marquette_music on Instagram

In The Band Studios will continue with weekly Sunday night shows at the PARC building in Downtown Plymouth starting in mid-June.

Photos & blog post by Sophie Chanko

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